“Not sure if hiring a life coach is the right move for you?”

Here are some things to consider….

Overall, you are a go getter but perhaps you are struggling in one or more areas of your life. You are wanting to make personal changes that allow for more upward mobility and achievement of goals. You are realistic and know that it is ultimately up to you and during your time working with me, you will benefit the most from our time together if you,

  • feel ready to hold up a mirror and be honest with yourself.
  • feel ready to commit to doing the work, not just in each session but between sessions as well.
  • are open to the possibilities and ready to examine different perspectives.
  • are able to bring real agenda to each session.
  • are able to show up on time to every session.
  • are feeling centered and ready to engage before each session.

You may not be ready if you…

  • are stuck in a victim mentality and not ready to look at the role you play in your life
  • are looking for a quick fix
  • thinking that a life coach will give you all the answers

“What I liked most about working with Christy is that she isn’t distracted by the extraneous. She was able to keep me on track without dismissing my feelings. I felt heard and understood.”
– Deni C., Landscape Architect