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What’s Your JAM?


Let’s face it, life can get ahead of us at times. Sumit Banerjee nailed it at the beginning of my yoga session last night when he said, “We live in two worlds, our outer world and our inner world.”

The outer world can easily take over as we spend our days juggling work, family, community, and all the daily responsibilities that come with living, not to mention the time we crave to decompress with friends. It’s easy to neglect our inner world. Yet, when we create space to tune into our inner world, we feel centered and the outer world becomes much more manageable and fun.

I was talking with a friend of mine recently about maintaining a feeling of well-being and balance in daily life. She’s a busy woman, working a full-time career and launching a creative business on the side as a jewelry designer. When she’s not working her career, she is busy designing jewelry, marketing her pieces, working fashion shows and photoshoots, and yet she always makes time to spend with her family and friends. I don’t know how she does it, so I asked her how she stays balanced and she responded, “That’s easy, I JAM daily!”

1. J-ournal: She has an amazingly active and creative mind that is always abuzz so journaling helps to get the information out of her head so that she can let go of the thoughts and ideas knowing she can come back to them anytime she wants to bring one to life.

2. A-ffirmations: She has daily affirmations around her house to remind her that there is much to be grateful for in life and this keeps her head from spinning into negative thoughts.

3. M-editate: She meditates to quiet her mind and connect into her body so she can venture into her outer world with a clean mental slate, kicking any past anxiety and future worry to the curb so she can really BE present with her day.

‘This got me thinking, what’s my JAM? It’s YIN.

1. Y-oga: A daily practice of yoga is integral for my balancing act. It’s where I go for an hour and twenty minutes to turn inward, quiet my mind and focus on my breath. Each inhale breathing fresh oxygen into my blood and body so it can work in top form and each exhale letting go of carbon dioxide and all the things in my outer world that caused me any stress that day. The movement (flow) is like a meditation in motion. And, it’s also a kick ass cardio workout too; a bonus benefit of yoga. I never leave yoga wishing I had not gone. And that is an absolute: never(!)

2. I-nformation: I’m always seeking out new information for my career, personally, or around current events. Hungry for knowledge, my friends poke fun at me for researching the silliest of things and my brand strategist calls me a maven. When I’m not learning something new, something feels amiss, or out of balance.

3. N-ourish: I’ve learned over the years that my body requires at least 3L of water each day. It took me a long time to figure out that when I was feeling fatigued or sluggish, simply drinking more water brings more energy and life to my body. And, we all know that our mind and body perform better with healthy nutrition. Nourishing my body and mind with proper fuel and hydration is mission criticial for feeling good in my daily life.
So, what’s your JAM? Write in, would love to hear what your daily practice is to help stay centered.

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