Posted by on January 30, 2014

I’m delighted that you found me and excited to share my knowledge on topics related to life coaching, balance, well-being, the law of attraction, and my ongoing practice of living a heart-centered life. If you’re interested in these topics I invite you to join the conversation in the comments below.

For years my family and friends have made light of the fact that I research everything! My brand strategist refers to me as a maven: a person who has special knowledge or experience. So it would seem appropriate to share what I’ve learned with anyone interested in personal development.

Blogging is new territory for me. I haven’t put pen to paper much and I gotta say, its scary and vulnerable for me to put myself out here like this.

Last year I faced a lot of transition and I’m bursting at the seams to share. My personal theme in 2013 was the Year of the Heart. As we move into 2014, I’ve decided my theme is the Year of Expansion and in celebration of expansion, I’m seizing the day with this public journal of sorts.

I have good reason. You should know that just because I am a life coach does not mean that my life is wrapped up with a pretty bow. I’ve had my fair share of life lessons and I believe these lessons bring big value to my work. Right up there with my keen intuition and my education. Perhaps a little more since I can empathize with a lot of what you are going through.

We are all navigating our way through life – some of us with our eyes wide open – ready to grow. My hope is that as I write about my life lessons and share the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, something will resonate and inspire you on your personal health journey.

A few things about me:

  • I love interior design and probably spend more time than I should perusing interior design blogs.
  • I have a Golden Retriever, Bella and we are currently in training to become a Pet Partner’s team.  Cannot wait to put her to work in the community. She loves people and I’m pretty sure she thinks she is human!
  • I’m spiritual. Some of the ways I practice spirituality are through yoga, meditation, and hiking. I have a feeling that blogging will be a spiritual release for me too.
  • I juice. Daily. And it’s always loaded with greens! I’m not a perfect eater, I still love to indulge but I’ve noticed my eating habits have gotten cleaner over the years. I have more energy and feel better in my body.
  • I’ve become less materialistic over the years because I want to spend my extra cash on travel so I can experience more out of life. I love the beach. I’m planning a road trip up the California coast in July to escape from the AZ summer heat.  I’ll still be blogging and working with clients while I’m on the road.
  • My favorite TV shows are Homeland, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy.  On my future watch list is House of Cards and Breaking Bad…eventually I will get to them!
  • I am currently reading Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and pick up tidbits from personal growth books here and there.
  • I love my family and friends…they are my lifeline and I’m grateful for everyone in my life!

So with that, welcome to my blog and stay tuned for what’s next…