3 Simple Steps to Increase Your “Interesting” Factor

May. 6, 2014 by

  I was recently asked to be a guest on a TV show called The List.  Donna Ruko interviewed me on what makes people interesting.  Sure there may be some innate qualities that interesting people possess such as charisma, humor, creativity,

Does it seem like you’re having the same fight over and over with your partner?

Apr. 10, 2014 by

Sometimes fights are simply about the issue at hand. You know because it’s a one-up and you quickly get to the heart of the matter, resolve it, and move on. But often times recurring fights are rooted in something deeper.

Life Changes. How to Navigate a Period of Transition

Mar. 29, 2014 by

Things change. It’s a fact of life. And when they change, we find ourselves in a period of transition as we adjust to a new way of living in the world. In fact, whether you’re facing a career change, a

How to Reinvent Yourself and Live a Life that Inspires You

Feb. 28, 2014 by

It’s no secret that you’ve changed since your birth. You’ve grown, adapted to the world you live in, and learned about yourself along the way. However, sometimes bumps in the road appear, causing a stunt to your personal growth and