Prior to founding Permission to Pause, Christy owned and operated a Harley-Davidson dealership, was a franchisee for an independent coffee roaster, and had success as a commercial property manager. Throughout her professional experience, Christy learned that people deal with many number of issues, giving her tremendous exposure to the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in fast moving environments. During her 18 years as a businesswoman, with strong ties to mentorship and philanthropy, Christy always felt this pull from deep within that something was missing. By all outward appearances Christy had it all and felt tremendous guilt when this nagging feeling kept showing up. Finally, she decided to tune in and that’s where her journey into emotional and physical well-being began.


Christy’s interest in emotional and physical well-being didn’t happen overnight yet out of this path she discovered coaching as her true north. Christy believes strongly in holistic growth and understands interpersonal dynamics and how we, individually, process our thoughts and actions to our detriment, or preferably, our betterment. Christy believes everything in life is founded on an individual’s emotional wellbeing and their aligned intentions. In her case, she sold her business and took pause to go inward to discover her true Self. During this journey Christy studied yoga, challenged herself physically and mentally, summiting Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro unlocking her true power of “what is possible” with a focus on powerful individualized personal development through a deeper connection of mind, body, and spirit.


Christy’s practical experience and strong values, coupled with her intuitive and holistic methodology, are the inspiration and foundation for fulfilling a passion to guide others along their individual path to fulfillment. This is her life-long journey and inspiration for founding Permission To Pause. The mission of Permission To Pause is to inspire and nurture new levels of thinking and living – communicatively, productively, and healthfully. And Christy’s promise is to help guide her clients toward transforming change into advantageous choice with healthful accountability, and energetic support. Christy recently relocated to the sunny state of Arizona where she spends her free time practicing yoga, hiking with her Golden Retriever Bella, and serving her new community through volunteerism.

Christy Wallace

“When I hired Christy, my creative mind was busting at the seams with ideas. I was feeling overwhelmed but working with Christy helped me become a deliberate thinker. She was able to pull everything out of me with her powerful questioning and then she drilled down on all my ideas and fed them back to me in achievable steps. I feel more organized and like I’m on the right path instead of 12 different paths. Thank you for putting structure to my creative vision!”
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